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DDA is fortunate enough to be celebrating 50 years of sharing our love of dance with the youth of Jacksonville/Onslow and surrounding towns and counties.  After 50 years a lot has changed not only in the world of dance but also in society as well as activities for our youth.  Over the past few years we have noticed that parents and students want different things from different activities weather it be dance, soccer, cheerleading,  music lessons etc.

DDA has decided to move toward the future and offer Semester Classes and intensive program for our 2019 - 2020 dance season.  The Semester Classes will be offered as Semester I and Semester II. 

For the Semester Classes tuition will still be paid monthly and the registration fee will cover your costume cost as well as performance fee.  

The Intensive Program will be by levels and will go from September - May.  Any student age 6 and up are welcome to join the Intensive Program  Any student going into the Intensive Program must be evaluated so they can be placed in the correct level and it is mandatory they take ballet.  Evaluations will take place August 5th - 9th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.  For this week the registration fee is $10 and $125 for the week of classes.

Here are our class schedule for the 2019 - 2020 Dance Season


Intensive Program

September - May

STUDIO A                                                                                            STUDIO B

5:00pm-6:00pm Jazz I                                                                         6:00pm-6:30pm Tap I

6:00pm-7:00pm Jazz II                                                                       6:30pm-7:00pm Tap III

7:00pm-8:00pm Jazz III                                                                      7:00pm-7:30pm Tap II




Intensive Program

September - May

STUDIO A                                                                                            STUDIO B

5:00pm-6:00pm Lyrical I                                                                    5:00pm-6:00pm Ballet III

6:00pm-7:00pm Lyrical II                                                                   6:00pm-6:30pm Pointe

7:00pm-8:00pm Lyrical III                                                                  6:30pm-7:30pm Ballet I

                                                                                                             7:30pm-8:30pm Ballet II




Semester I

September 3rd – December 19th

2.5 -3 year old classes student must be 3 by Oct 1st

STUDIO A                                                                                            STUDIO B

4:45PM-5:45PM Combo age 4-5                                            4:15pm-5:00pm age 2.5-3

5:45pm-6:15pm age 2.5-3                                                      5:00pm-5:30pm Jr Tap I

6:15pm-6:45pm Jr Tap II                                                        5:30pm-6:15pm Jr Jazz I

6:45pm-7:30pm Jr Jazz II                                                       6:15pm-7:15 Combo age 6-12

                                                                                                  7:15pm-8:00pm Teen Hip Hop




Semester I

September 3rd – December 19th

STUDIO A                                                                                STUDIO B

4:15pm-5:00pm Boys                                                 5:00pm-5:45pm Jr Ballet I

5:00pm-5:45pm Acro                                                  5:45pm-6:30pm Jr Lyrical I

5:45pm-6:30pm Acro(Intensive Program)                 6:30pm-7:30pm Combo age 4-5

6:30pm-7:15pm Jr Ballet II                                          7:30pm-8:15 Jr Hip Hop

7:15pm-8:00pm Teen Lyrical

8:00pm-8:45pm Teen Jazz                                        



Registration Fee for Semester I – Reg. Fee $25 ($5 each additional sibling) + Costume $48.15 per child/class + Performance Fee $50

Registration Fee for Intensive Program $25 ($5 each additional sibling)

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